Happy Father’s Day.

Hi dads it’s Father’s Day and to mark the ocassion my good friends at The positive planner have set a Father’s Day challenge it’s very simple you choose four of the following questions in the photo below. You then make a one minute video. I have done that and the video is posted on my twitter and Instagram. I will also post the video at the end of this blog. I however with the kind permission of The Postitve Planner have been given permission to write a blog using all of his questions so here goes.
What is your proudest moment as a dad?

I have lots of proud moments with both of my kids so it’s hard to pick one moment that stands out I have one for each of my kids. Andrew is younger so for me the little things make me proud his first steps stand out the most to me I had wanted him to start walking for months and it seemed like it would take forever but one day he stood up and walked and he hasn’t stopped since.

My proudest moment with Elizabeth involves my Christian faith, I try not to be to strict with the kids as I don’t want them to be scared in to going to church or one day hate it so much they resent us for taking them or forcing faith on to them however we do as a family go to church, we study the bible, we pray and we do tell our kids what we believe about Jesus. One day I was having a hard day both kids had been playing up and PND getting me down, I snapped at Elizabeth to shut up something I shouldn’t have done I hugged her immediately and told her I was sorry daddy was a bit down. Her words were the words that made me the proudest daddy ever . “It’s ok dadddy can we pray together? We can ask god to help.” 

What were your expectations of fatherhood?

Ok this one is easy, I thought fatherhood would be a piece of piss. I thought I would have my baby, we would be complete. I though it would be easy.. if this is your first time to my blog read all my posts to see how wrong I was.

What Is your fondest moment?

Another easy on this will be this photo it’s Elizabeth holding Andrew for the first time nearly two years on they are still partners in crime. 

What was your most shocking dad moment?

Ok well we were in Hastings last year at Combe haven holiday park, there was a competition were you had to put your child on a tommy tikes rocking horse and run with them across the dance floor to a cone and back the quickest person one a snap band we were winning that… I was last up I had 5 seconds to beat.. Go 1…. 2….. we reached the cone we were going to do it……. 3………. 4……. crap my pants were falling down I was going to fall we had to win this so I pushed elizabeth and that rocking hoarse as hard as I could……..,5….. we had done it we had won I looked up just at the moment that elizabeth flew off the horse…. oppss oh well we won… 

What have you found the hardest?

Adjusting to being a dad and developing PND was the hardest, I struggled to bond if you have been on my blog before you will have read all about it if not spend some time having a look around.. 

Apart from that I found it hard not seeing my mates as much I had responsibilities now. That leads me to the next question.

How has it [being a dad] affected your relationship with friends.

I haven’t lost any friends over it however I was one of the first in my group of friends to have kids so there was a lot of times I couldn’t go out, I also chose not to go out as much all my friends understood but I found myself not being invited out as much. When most of them became dads we started going out more again. They understood how hard it was being a dad and finding time for friends.

How did you cope with the stress of parenthood?

Not very well at all I struggled to bond with Elizabeth, I developed PND and got very ill.. it took me a long time to learn to cope with the stress.. I learnt some days you will cope better than others and when you have a bad day just take a breath and focus on the good.

So that’s all the questions complete. Thanks to The Positve planner for all these question and letting me answer them all, why not pick just four questions and make your own video post it on twitter and Facebook with #fathersfeeltoo.

Here is my video

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