Dr Ranj and how he helped us through the hardest times again and again.

So in my blog so far I have shared about hard times in my life how we got through them and we got through them, but there is one person who has helped us so many times and they didn’t even know that they were helping us. By making what I just saw as a ‘silly’ Tv show with a few songs and puppets they were educating my daughter they have again and again made scary times easier for both my daughter and me. The name of this guy Dr Ranj.

Dr Ranj has never met me or my family (although if I could meet him then I would shake his hand and thank him for his work) but he has been in my home nearly every day both on our TV and on our tablets. He has been educating our children in all things medical. I know it sounds stupid but a TV show and an App really has helped up and put our minds at ease. Ok its not the headlines of “Dr Ranj saved my life” that hit This Morning but to me they are just as important. I want to share just one of the many times he has helped us.

ranjThe first was a few days in the life of our third child, Michael was very ill when he was born. He was hooked up to so many machines a ventilator, feeding tubes, in an incubator and so many monitors Me and Mel were worried sick about all sorts of things; will Michael be ok, will he make it through the night, when will we get to hold him. Then came the time I was dreading letting my other kids meet Michael. I knew Andrew would be ok he was only Two he wouldn’t really know what was going on. It was Elizabeth we were worried about. she was 4, at school and starting to understand the world around her, we were worried about how she would be seeing here baby brother hooked up to all these machines fighting for his life. I was dreading it, before we went in I was fighting back tears trying to prepare her for what was going to happen. We walked in and instead of being scared she was a massive comfort, she looked at Michael and said “Daddy that’s just a nasal gastric tube its for feeding him and the incubator is just keeping him warm” (when we talk about it now she can tell me what so many of the machines do) we were gobsmacked I asked her how she knew, she told us because of Dr Ranj. I was confused at first how could a Doctor on This morning help my daughter deal with what was going on. I started to look at what she watched on TV thinking I was going to Phil and Holly talking to the TV Doctor. But no I found the TV doctor was also a children TV presenter and had a app were children can learn all about illnesses and going the doctors or hospital. By making these shows he has helped my daughter understand something scary and in a strange way put mine and Mel’s mind at rest.

This has Been just one example there are so many other times Dr Ranj has helped us I would be here all day telling you about them. His shows have even made my now nearly 6 year old daughter tell me she wants to be a Doctor she even understands my Job as a Health Care Assistant a little better because of Dr Ranj. And to all you parents who haven’t seen his show find it on Iplayer and get the CBeeBies app.

So Dr Ranj I wish I could meet you and say thanks, I wish my daughter could say thanks in fact I wish my whole family could say thanks. Because without even knowing us You have come in to our home via our Tv and made some of the most scary times of our life that little bit easier.

I know we most probably wont meet as much as I wish we could so I could shake your hand, But if you read this and I hope you do. Thank you so much for all your TV shows all the stuff on the App and the catchy tune I now have stuck in my head so I will finish by singing it why I type.

Be Happy, Be healthy And get well soon.

PS if your ever in Liverpool hook us up

PPS your tunes better than the stick song

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