My pregnancy so far 

So I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and things have been going well. We went for our first scan at the beginning of June. We had a bit of a trek to get the hospital. It involved a bus into town and then the train to the hospital we had to go. We were going on holiday the very next day for 2 weeks and so we had the scan on a specific day wherever was available. I was really nervous before our first scan as I people joke to me that we were having twins and part of me actually believed them. I still don’t think I was ready for them to say it was twins though. So we had our scan and the lady confirmed that was only one baby. I had to hold back on the cheering but I think it was safe to say that both me and Tony were secretly relieved. Don’t get me wrong if we were told it was twins we would have been happy but at the same time one newborn with 2 other children seems scary enough without adding an extra baby to the equation.

We were given a due date of 20th December, that seems too close to Christmas. Ah how am I gonna organise Christmas? We left the hospital completely over the moon after seeing our little baby on the screen. It just helped to make it all real. Everything just felt perfect. I have my amazing little family and I couldn’t wait to tell my darling children that we were having another baby.

We went on holiday and enjoyed ourselves and I was trying to most of our time away and exploring whilst battling constant tiredness and exhaustion. I survived and I loved every moment of our holiday. It is very busy but filled with days doing what I wanted to do and most of all I loved seeing my beautiful children enjoy themselves.

Then we came back to reality with a thud. I had a consultant appointment at the hospital. I was a little bit worried about this but that’s the kind of person I am, I always worry. We asked a friend to take us to the appointment and then she took the kids to the park whilst we were in appointment. So we sat in the waiting room and I began to shake. My hands and knees were just going. When I am scared or nervous I also get a funny feeling in my belly which I really don’t like. Anyway, we got called through and I nervously sat on the chair in the consultants room. She seemed nice when we went in..

During the appointment I heard talk about my 2 previous pregnancies which were in a different county and that she was concerned as there was quite a gap in weight between my first 2 (my first was 6lb15oz and my second was 8lb15oz) I thought that this was nothing to worry about as I reassured after giving birth to my second that it was completely normal as he was 12 days late and that’s when they out on the most weight but I really don’t know as I’m not an expert. She also went on to speak about my weight. Now I have always been very conscious and suffered many years with low self-esteem because of my weight. I am not huge but I am also not a healthy weight. At the time of my appointment I was the heaviest I have ever been and this is something I am determined to change once I have had this baby.

Anyway, she was saying because of my weight I am more likely to develop Gestational Diabetes and so I would I need a test and also because the difference in weight between children I will also have to go for growth scans. This can determine if the baby is going to be too big to carry on to full term or even if I am able to have a natural labour. My heart sank. I was sitting here listening to someone potentially tell me that any choice I have concerning labour can be taken away and she can decide for me if I need to have a c-section as it could be in “my best interests”

What could be in my best interests is allowing me to still have my choice and an opted c-section will not be that choice. I should point out that the other option would be to consider inducing me early and this settles my mind a lot easier as I could still havea natural  labour once induced. It does mean I wouldn’t be able to have a water birth but that doesn’t matter as long I can deliver baby safely. I came out of the consultants room feeling downhearted. I had never had an appointment like this before and I didn’t want another one. I had held it together when we on our drive home but as soon as I got home I just broke down.

I was really struggling to see the positives from the appointment and I didn’t want to speak about it either. Tony made me see sense and actually got me talking.

Since then I have progressed slowly through the pregnancy and found that I do actually have Gestational Diabetes this time. It was again, a shock for me to take in but I am managing without medication. If anything I am coping a lot better than I thought I would as I am actually losing weight whilst my baby is growing nicely. It just means less carbs with meals and an excuse to eat all the baby bel in the world.

I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I have an induction date booked for the 15th December which is when I will be 39 weeks. This puts my mind at ease as I can organise Christmas and know that my little one will be here for Christmas Day. It also means I only have 2 weeks to get everything sorted (arghhhh) it’s such a scary time too.

I will write more on Gestational Diabetes but for now I think I will leave it there. Have too much going on to carry on writing. Look out for my next blog which should hopefully be within the next month.

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