Trip To Essex – BBC Stories

A few months ago I made a trip to Essex to meet with two other dads Brad and John to talk about our experience and finally last week the video was made live and so far nearly 100,000 people have seen the video on BBC Stories and it has shared a good number of times if you shared the video Big Thanks. If you haven’t shared it then please share this blog.

Filming this video was definitely an experience, it took all day to film all the footage that went in to making this 6 minute video, but it was worth it for sure if even one person is helped by this video then it has been worth it for sure.

It was an amazing weekend sharing our stories and getting to know John and Brad and really think the BBC did an amazing job putting this video together and getting our story out there.

I have had a quick look at comments but I tend to shy way from comments as I find it hard not to engage the trolls. But good or bad I would like to thank you for the comments, it has started the debate and that’s what the video is all about.

on a side note it took four takes to get answering the door right so you can guess how long the whole video took.


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