Is kids TV damaging our kids

Hi guys before I get on to the topic I want to blog about I want to say I am sorry I haven’t blogged in a long time, I have been quite on social media too. There is a very simple reason why pure and simple it’s been the summer holidays and I wanted to spend time with my kids not looking at a screen. It’s been nice to stay off for a while and spend some time with my kids. I have done so much with the kids as well as with Mel and I have so much to tell you but I will get on to that in another blog.

So to the topic I want to blog about is this is 24 hour kids tv as well as all this tech damaging our kids?

I know this might sound like a daft thing to say but I really think we are paying our kids a disservice by constantly entertaining them, we don’t let our kids get bored. There is a constant form of entertainment for our children right at our finger tips, Live TV, on demand TV, iPads, youtube, apps, games consoles, 21st century kids have never had it so good.

I am not saying any of this is a bad thing but I know this we have never had so many ways to elevate child boredom in our lives and I personally think a bit of boredom is an amazing thing it develops imagination and help our children grow.

I am no play therapist and I am by no means guilt free when it comes to looking for the easy way out. I will admit when elizabeth wakes up at 6am and I want to stay sleeping it a case of here is your iPad go and watch some American video of a woman opening the latest gadget and let me sleep in a little longer. Even now as a write this I know tomorrow morning elizabeth will be Likely to get her iPad tomorrow morning. And even when we are up it is quite likely she will spend the morning watching CBeebies or Nick Jr until I turn over or just get bored of watching kids tv, however last week I was forced to really think, is tv and all this on-demand tech damaging my child’s ability to learn?

Now I am no expert I don’t have the facts and figures and I won’t pretend i do but I will tell you about my experience that led to me feeling that our quickness to turn in our TVS, pass our kids iPads or find a quick fix for boredom can be damaging for our kids. The guys at world economics forum have made this video.

I started to think about this a few weeks ago whilst I was camping in north wales with Elizabeth, we had no tech (except my phone to call my dad to get us next day), not toys and basic equipment.. we found our own fun on the first day, played set up camp and went for a walk were Elizabeth even made a nice story that Captain Hook lived on his ship in lake ogwin (that beat my story that it was the lake queen gwenavier the wife of king athour through the great sword Excalibur into after the death of athour) she also told me that she had borrowed moana’s necklace and was taking it back to her. Our 5 mile walk became a game. The next day she woke and wanted her iPad we had a bit of a row because she forgot it but soon woke up tried to cook breakfast and got about our next adventure, climbing up a massive mountain (yay) I wasn’t sure she would get anywhere near the top but it was about the finding fun so we set about past captains hook ship and up the mountain to the other lake were pan and tinkerbell lived with all the Disney princesses, we stoped for lunch and I calculated we never had time to get all the way up so she said it’s ok and made a story about it and told me on the way Down.

Now back at home she tells me all about mr invisible and all the trouble he cause I think it’s her drop dead Fred.

But this lack of tech whilst out got me thinking, I like to limit the tech time be it tv or iPad but so many parents don’t, is this going to be harmful for our kids?

When I was a kid especially early 90’s we never had IPad or phones, kids tv was limited to a few hours a day no 24 hours of full on tv. We never had games consoles or PC games and if we did the only games were mine sweeper and solitaire and consoles were in there early stages. If your reading this as a child of before the early 90s you will get this, if you are a child of anything from 95 to now you might be reading this thinking life must have been boring.

The strange thing is it wasn’t we used the greates computer in the world our brain to keep us entertained being bored forced us to use our imagination and make our own fun. It made us look around see what we hard that we could make fun with.

A football had so many games we could play, Kirby, dodge ball 2 touch football with goalie in and out, get enough of us together and we could play man hunt, a box of lego could make for hours of entertainment developing our building and engineering skills, we went along to groups like scouts and learned how to make fires, the girls got a bottle of water and put roses in it to make perfume. If we were short of money a bucket and a sponge And we could car wash 3 quid a car, door to door until we had enough cash for our cinema stuff, a bed sheet makes a den the possibilities are endless.

I’m not saying TVs, iPads or any other entertainment is bad in fact some of it is brilliant, what I am saying is our quickness to relieve our child boredom robs our children of the fun that come with using your imagination to relieve your boredom. Being bored also makes them think for them self. These skills help them in there future life, being able to solve problems and think for themselves could help them in the work place and those moments of taking objects and using the imagination who knows might make them the inventors of the future.

I don’t know, what I do know is these are the future of our human race, these moments of boredom using there imagination might help them shape the world of the future, we owe it to them to stop trying to entertain them every now and Again and let them entertain themselves one day they might thank you..

And If you don’t believe the guys at lego have made this amazing video from lego duplo.

The PND Daddy

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