Wow what a summer it has been.

As some of you have noticed I have been away for a lot of the summer and boy has a lot happened, things have been moving on nicely and I have Much to tell you about. And yes I am ready for kids to go back to school I love them but having to plan every day for 7 weeks is draining.

I decided to leave you all for the summer holidays as I thought my wife and kids deserved as much of my time as possible and doing what I do can be very time consuming, I have the blog, #PNDdaddies, thinking of setting up a charity, setting up support networks and generally working on raising awareness of PND and depression in dads on top of that I still need to work. So I decided to take some time away from social media and all my work, to have some family time. My old job ended in June and the new job starts in September so I even had the whole summer off, money has been tight but we have had fun. I took the whole of July off social media no Facebook, limited twitter and only 5 mins a day of emails. Doing that made me realise how much I missed just because I was looking at a screen. I missed all fun things the kids did on a bus journey or the sights I missed and even the games I miss at home because I was glued to tech. I am back on now but not as much I try to do most of my stuff if kids are playing upstairs or in bed.

We have been on big walks doing things that are free or don’t cost very much basically we have had loads of fun being a family we spend two weeks in Scotland enjoying everything it has to offer and even went back in time to see how the earth was made in dynamic world. Me and Elizabeth even went back to nature and spent a few days camping and hill walking, We have done so much its hard to mention everything we did. And we still have one more week planed before I head to my new job.

I have done one thing PND Related this week I took part in a BBC mini documentary for BBC Stories me and two other blokes Brad and John (the husband of lotus petal) meet up at Johns house to have a BBQ and talk about mental health in Dads and men in general and be interviewed about our very different stories. I won’t go into what we said or our stories, they will be available on the BBC after editing and we will link you all to it when it is finished. I will say we had fun it wasn’t like we had only just met it was like we were a group of mates just talking through our stories and I made two new friends that day. And I got to go lego shop London and spent to much money.

This summer I have only had one negative a family member who isn’t even a family member attacked our little family and had a massive kick of but that’s not even worth the word it would take you to tell you about it so I will move on with another fun thing one of the joys of Liverpool is Hollyoaks is filmed here and our local bar is where all the stars drink so when we went for a meal I joked we should go there as there might be some stars and there was we met Amrit Maghera who plays Neeta and Krupa Pattani who plays Farrah.

I realise I haven’t talked bout new baby yet so here is a small update mel is now 23 weeks pregnant and things are going well although she is emotional as anything.. well more emotional even as I type she crying at ed Sheehan, we have had our mid-term scan in fact we had two the baby was in the wrong position to see everything in the first one so we had to go again a week later. Baby is healthy and developing well. We are unsure what we are having as the same guy told us differently at each scan and the first baby was a girl we went back a week later and then we were told he has changed his mind it’s a boy but he’s not 100% so we are confused now. We’re waiting till our 3D scan until we say for sure, this means we have had to put all our buying on hold, and I can’t paint the cot I restoring. Lucky the one thing we bought, the pram is neutral.

Usually At this point of pregnancy I would be deep in anxiety and struggling Day to day, worrying that every twinge that mel had was something bad or asking mel every hour if she has felt baby, worrying that we would lose this baby. Now don’t get me wrong I get anxious before appointments but no where near as bad I don’t have sleepless nights, Of corse there is a worry about my PND resurfacing with baby number 3 and that was part of the reason I was reserved at first about the thought of having another baby, I even told mel the week before we find out she was pregnant I didn’t want another baby as I was happy and didn’t want to develop PND for a third time. Yes it wasn’t as bad with Andrew and I developed ways of helping if it got bad but it was always a worry that I might relapse, but really for now I couldn’t be happier and my mental health is dramatically improved might change but right now things are brilliant I am looking forward to the new baby, I have an amazing wife and two amazing kids that keep me on my toes, I am even looking at reducing or coming off my meds I have to wait and see what the doctor says when I see the specialist. And I know if I do develop PND with baby number three I know what to look for and techniques to help me. I have my family close who know what to look out for will be looking out for early warning signs so what ever happens I will be ok.

So all in all it’s been a good summer and we have so much to look forward I am back blogging so look out for more blogs to come.

Stay safe and god bless

The PND Daddy.


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