Do you wanna build a snow man? Ahhhh the Burgens are coming!

Ok another blog talking about kids tv and films, I saw a photo today The Dad Network Facebook page today that inspired this post, one of the Blessings/curses (depending on how you look at it) with being a dad is watching the same programs again and again. There are hundreds of films and show out there yet my kids are intent on watching 3 things.

  1. Paw patrol 
  2. Frozen
  3. Trolls

I am going to talk about all three and try and prove how much my kids watch them by trying to give you part of the film/show from memory. You guys are going to have to trust me right now i haven’t watched any of these for about five days. I am going to type the bits I remember with no edits.

Paw patrol 

I have to admit I love this show myself it’s amazing it’s the one kids TV show I will watch even after the kids go to bed. Ok it does worry me that Ryder is a kid and can drive and is trusted to do rescues and I do feel sorry for Rocky who wants to be rescued by a bin dog? So to prove how much i watch it let’s talk catchphrases. I going to see if I remember all the catchphrases on the show. So let’s go.

  • Chase – Chase is on the case/ super spy chase is on the case 
  • Marshall – I’m all fired up/ it’s time for a ruff ruff rescue
  • Sky – This pup got to fly / let’s take to the sky
  • Zuma – ready set get wet
  • Rumble – rubble on the double 
  • Rocky – green means go/ don’t lose it reuse it.
  • Everest – ice and snow I’m ready to go
  • Ryder – when ever your in trouble just yelp for help 

I hope I got all them right, it is one show I love to watch with the kids. I’m a big kid so don’t mind kids tv.


Again another film I love I am a big Disney fan so saw this even before Elizabeth but since Elizabeth was born we have watched this at least 100 times 3 or 4 times a day sometimes so it has got a bit much. To prove how much allow me to type do you wanna build a snowman with out looking at lyrics 

*Knock Knock knock* Elsa. Do you wanna build a snow man, come on let’s go and play, I never see you anymore come out the door it’s like you gone away, we used to be best buddy but know we’re not I wish you would tell me why do you wanna build a snow man, doesn’t have to be a snow man, go away Anna, ok bye.

*knock knock knock* do you wanna build a snow man, or Ride our bike around the hall, I think some company is over due iv even started talking to the pictures on the walls, hang in there jole, I gets a little lonely all this empty rooms just watching the hours tick by *tick tick tick tick* Do you wanna build a snow man it doesn’t have to be a snow man.

So you get the point I have seen frozen a lot.


This one is a little harder for me as it’s newer and so I getting used to the words so don’t know all the words yet but let’s try and name some characters and list some quote.


  • Poppy 
  • Branch 
  • Guy dimond 
  • King pappy 
  • Bridget 
  • DJ suki


  • Hug time
  • Crazy prepared
  • I don’t do high fives 
  • I don’t do hug time
  • Your scrap booking 
  • No trolls left behind 

So what’s the point in this blog? There is it one it’s just a bit of fun and I hope all mums and dads relate to it. Our kids love these films and TV shows and films but it’s us that still have them on at 10pm when there in bed and it’s us that can just randomly burst in to songs from these films.. kids tv and films is not just for the kids.

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